Free Hand #14 (Speculative Poetry)

It’s only Tuesday and it feels like the end of the week for me. I often take into account the weather when I start my daily writing. I try to work through my environment before writing on other subjects. Also, listening to: Veruca Salt, Album: Ghost Notes (2015)





Daytime with night sky and thunder

overhead. Trying to keep myself warm

with coffee and electric ideas that

shimmer under the surface of my mind.

Twisting words into sentences, chiseling

and carving out a paragraph takes an

entire day. It’s raining and I am attempting

to connect thoughts with reality. The bitterness

in the back of my throat, music keeps me going,

words are only tools. Use your tools wisely.



If you are reading this Thank You for taking time out of your day to read my writing! I hope you return in the future!