Poem #192 (Words Matter)

My poems are practice, everyday I try to write a few poems no matter how rough or unpolished they are. This practice helps me regularly push my mind into a creative pathway that becomes more familiar and routine. 

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I tweak the words and corner the page

ink bleeding fast as the rain falls

splatters, book spins worn out and

shredding the mind, into letters

into sentences frag-

-mented and destroyed.


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Poem #184 (Forest at Night)

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In the trees, the eyes of the night gaze,

creatures revel in the dirt and moss,

hands guiding the clouds across the sky

exposing silvers stars that glitter

in the black night. A hollow hoot of an owl

the crack of a broken twig, a silence that

envelopes the dreams of the dreamer.

The forest at night.


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Poem #183 (Midnight Wanderer)

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In the midnight hours,

I am alive like no other.

Eyes bright and ignited

with fire and wonder,

I roam the streets

under the pale moon

instilled with desire

to create and to destroy.


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Poem #171 (Eyes)


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Eyes that travel, the body

the dreams and skimming

the maps that it believes it

sees. Drifting casually,

hazed and delusioned

eyes looking, gleaming

staring at you.


I was feeling kind of playful today, so here is a silly poem about voyeurism. 

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How to Memorize a Poem


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One of the great tools of any Poet is memorization. Memorizing and reciting poetry can help a poet write, read, and study poetry. Memorizing poems can benefit your own poetry and writing. By following a few of these suggested steps, anyone can memorize a poem.

Pick a Poem to Memorize

Skim through a few of your favorite poetry books or search online. Find a poem that you like. It is easier to memorize poems that you like. It may be easier to memorize a poem if you have a printed copy. I would suggest having a printed copy of the poem and a few extra sheets of blank paper.

Find a Place to Read Poetry

Once you have your poem picked out, find a place you can study. A quiet place that has no distractions is ideal. Consider an empty room or a quiet spot at a park. Your place of study should be particular to you, find a place you feel comfortable and are familiar with.

Pick apart a Poem

Before you start memorizing, read the poem a few times over to familiarize yourself with it. Using a pen or highlighter, begin to mark off parts of the poem into smaller fragments. Separating the poem visually through line breaks, stanzas or couplets can help you tackle the poem a little at a time.

Memorizing a Poem

Take an extra sheet of blank paper and cover the poem. Reveal your marked fragments by moving the blank paper over the poem as you recite the poem slowly out loud. Reciting poetry out loud can help you memorize faster. Try to mimic the rhythm of the poem as you recite. Can you recognize parts of the poem when you recite? Can you visualize the poem on the page in your mind?

Poems to Memorize

It will take time to memorize a poem. The poems length, form, and style can all contribute to the amount of time it may take you. I recommend picking a shorter poem first such as William Carlos Williams “The Red WheelBarrow”. Starting with smaller poems can help you get used to memorizing. After a bit of practice and a few poems ready to recite, pick harder poems.

Harder poems can include William Shakespeare’s Sonnets, John Donne’s “At the round earth’s imagined corners (Holy Sonnet 7)” or even John Milton’s “When I Consider How My Light Is Spent”. Memorizing a classic poem can help you study poetry. And conducting research can provide you with valuable knowledge about a poem. Knowing the history, cultures, and societies in which poem was written can add to the experience.

Benefits of Memorizing Poetry

If you are a Poet, Writer, or avid reader, memorizing poetry can help you gain further insight into literature and writing. As a Poet, memorization, and recitation are key. At some point, you may have to read a poem out loud and practice always helps. For writers, reading and studying writing no matter the form or style is crucial.

Regardless if you love to read poetry or if you are just curious. Reading and memorizing poems can help you in the future. Analyzing text, recitation and memorization all contribute to learning and retaining information. And it only takes a little bit of curiosity and one poem for someone to fall into poetry completing.

Thank you for reading!



Coming Soon: My Personal Response on ‘Surviving 2017 in the Trump Era’ and ‘Combating the quote-unquote brainwashed College Student Theory’

I have been thinking about two topics recently in light of personal experiences and conversations I have had with numerous people such as family, friends, and fellow students.

These two topics I plan on writing MY OWN PERSONAL RESPONSES to:

“Surviving 2017 in the Trump Era”….did anyone really survive? and how do I feel now that 2017 is coming to an end. This will be my own little synopsis of how my year has gone including my reflections on the insanely horrifying events that have happened this year…so far… in American.

“Combating the quote-unquote Brainwashed College Student Theory” this has been a reoccurring conversation that has been happening between me and my family. I found this theory (as I am going to call it) to be more laughable than a serious issue to address. But after talking to other students in my Major (English, the Humanities) and doing a bit of research on my own, it appears that this little theory is a persistent issue that conservative parents and families have been “dealing with” for a very long time in America.

My responses will be posted by the end of this year so keep a lookout. I would also love to hear about any experiences that college students have had dealing with this “brainwashed liberal” thing. I find it an interesting little concept that now aides in dividing families and the nation even more than it has been this year.

This is also me lighting a candle in my own little lighthouse in this continuous storm, is there anybody out there with similar thoughts?

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Sample of My Art : Summer 2017

Here is some original artwork of mine that I did this summer. 

More on my Instagram.

Original artwork by Alina Happy Hansen July 2017

Original artwork by Alina Happy Hansen June 2017

Original artwork by Alina Happy Hansen June 2017

Original artwork by Alina Happy Hansen June 2017

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Free Hand #18

Cool day in SLC. I have today off, planning on relaxing all day. Here are more mutterings of mine.

Listening to: Coachella-woodstock in my mind by Lana Del Rey


The sun heats the glory, in my blood, a vein

of rage rushes on. The end of the night, and

the gold in my mind resonates with hell below.

What dreams become reality when the sun

rises over those mountains? Silver light and

calm, blissful, embalm me. Save me

from the endless night that plagues my mind.



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