Poetry Reading: Utah Arts Festival 2018





This is an announcement about an upcoming event.

I will be doing a Poetry Reading at the 2018 Utah Arts Festival

Scheduled for June 21st @ 2:30 p.m. at Big Mouth Stage

I will be reading some of my original poetry with a possibility of selling printed copies of selected poems after the reading.

This is a great opportunity and I am so grateful to the UAF, thank you thank you thank you!



Finalist for MOE AWARDS 2018!

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photo source: newsroom.unl.edu

I am an official FINALIST for the Mark of Excellence Award in Feature Writing for 2018!

The Mark of Excellence Award is presented by the Society of Professional Journalists to collegiate student newspapers, journals, and writers.


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My Finalist Article that I wrote for The Daily Utah Chronicle: 5 Horror Movies that Subvert Tropes of Gender, Race and Politics

I am so honored to be a finalist and to be selected in a pool of over 10,000 student writers! Even though I was not a winner this is a huge achievement. I want to thank The Daily Utah Chronicle, my Editors for the A&E desk, and my fellow staff writers.

Thank you!


Announcement: Working on…

Penny Dreadful Poster  Salem Poster iZombie Poster

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Here is an update of what I am planning on posting in the next couple of weeks!


I realized I haven’t done two ‘Monthly Notebook Excerpts’ (May and June). This is because I’ve been working a ton and trying to get my personal life in order this summer. Not an easy feat. So do expect a combined post ‘May/June Monthly Notebook Excerpts’ very soon.


I am still under a pile of books that I have been reading this summer. I hope to have two or more finished by the end of this month and a reflection post for each one.


I have a few ideas on posts under my subsection of writing ‘Film, Music, Art’, here is what I’m considering (give any suggestions in the comments below!!!).

Reflection/Review Post:

Penny Dreadful



These are all series available on Netflix. They are some of my favorites. I have been thinking about doing a review on one or all of them this summer.

That is all I am thinking about right now!

Please feel free to leave any suggestions etc. in the comments below! I will take all suggestions into consideration!

As usual expect my ‘Free Hand #’s’ poetry posts as well as my ‘Flash Fiction #’s’ I will be doing those regularly still.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my writing!

I greatly appreciate all my followers and regular readers!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Announcement: Flash Fiction and more!


I will be posting ‘Flash Fiction’ pieces (100 words or less) starting next week. This is my way of practicing while also showing my creative process!

There will be one or two posts a week of my flash fiction next to my regular ‘Free Hand’ poetry posts.

Also, I am still working on building my Summer 2017 Fiction Book List, as well as a list of all the ‘How-to-‘ books on Poetry and Flash Fiction that I have read.

I want to thank all the people that have decided to follow me (106). I was amazed when I finally had a hundred people following my blog (sometime last week) and wanted to say thank you!

I look forward to this summer and cannot wait to correspond with others on wordpress about poetry and flash fiction (when the time comes)!

Thank You,


Announcement: Publication

Hello Readers!

I am just announcing that another one of my poems, this time ‘Ready To Eat‘, will be published and released in the University of Utah‘s Literary Journal The Canticle (Spring 2017) !

This is the second year in a row that a poem of mine has been published in The Canticle and I am so grateful to the English Department at the UofU, the Editors, Readers, EVERYONE for giving me this amazing opportunity to expose my work.

Thank you!


ANNOUNCEMENT: working on a reflection for T2!

In response to my first post Returning to Trainspotting: The Release of T2 I am working on a reflection of T2 which I did go and see a couple days ago. All I can say right now is, heart-wrenching. 

I hope to have the reflection polished, done and posted within the next few days. It will appear on my homepage and under the tab ‘Film, Music, Art’.

Thank you!


P.S. On a side note, I am also working on another reflection in response to a suggestion given by a follower, “...phenomenology and its effect on how we treat the body in poetry“. THANK YOU FOR THE SUGGESTION tmbenjamin10 !!!