Poetry Reading: Utah Arts Festival 2018





This is an announcement about an upcoming event.

I will be doing a Poetry Reading at the 2018 Utah Arts Festival

Scheduled for June 21st @ 2:30 p.m. at Big Mouth Stage

I will be reading some of my original poetry with a possibility of selling printed copies of selected poems after the reading.

This is a great opportunity and I am so grateful to the UAF, thank you thank you thank you!



Finalist for MOE AWARDS 2018!

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photo source: newsroom.unl.edu

I am an official FINALIST for the Mark of Excellence Award in Feature Writing for 2018!

The Mark of Excellence Award is presented by the Society of Professional Journalists to collegiate student newspapers, journals, and writers.


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My Finalist Article that I wrote for The Daily Utah Chronicle: 5 Horror Movies that Subvert Tropes of Gender, Race and Politics

I am so honored to be a finalist and to be selected in a pool of over 10,000 student writers! Even though I was not a winner this is a huge achievement. I want to thank The Daily Utah Chronicle, my Editors for the A&E desk, and my fellow staff writers.

Thank you!