Short Story Series: “Bertha” (Part 1)

Hello Everyone!

I have decided I’m going to start a new series in my Short Stories section. I will begin with my original (work in progress) short story titled “Bertha”. This short story will be broken up into multiple posts that I will publish over time (maybe once or twice a week). I want to work on this short story and publish it in parts to see where it can go and if I can expand or shorten it in a more final version (a final post will be published at the conclusion of the story with notes and edits highlighted by me).

Summary: “Bertha” is a short story about a strange woman who frequents a local bar. The bartender has a habit of noticing peculiarities about this woman and creates little stories about her in his head each time she visits. 


“BERTHA” (part 1) by Alina Happy Hansen

Her body sways as she walks. Each step clumsy, her shoes slap the ground in a slow rhythmic dance to the door. Opening a brown purse that looks like a flat football she pulls out a few wads of ones and places them on the bar.

Emilio, the bartender, sighs. There is not much to do and this lady never tips. She just stares at him the entire time she drinks. At first it was unsettling but now he has grown accustom to her habits like all the other regulars.

He can hear her saddle up to the bar, the loud creak of the stool, her heavy muffled groan. She doesn’t talk anymore, the only words she ever said to him in the beginning were what beer she wanted. Now since he knows what she likes she just grunts and nods her head.

Emilio calls her Bertha, it seems fitting some days while others she appears more ragged, more like a swamp witch from old fairy tales. Today there is something strange about her, he notices that her left eye is transfixed in one position, lolling to the the left while her other eyes rapidly looks around. 

To be continued…


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