A Few Favorites: Halloween Movies…

Here are a few of my favorite Halloween movies that I love~!

Trick 'r Treat Poster

source: imdb.com

Trick ‘r Treat is a classic! Released in 2007 and featuring an array of actors that many will be able to recognize since they have gained popularity. The movie is made up of a few stories that connect to each other by Halloween, murder, monsters, and children. The tone of the film fluctuates from classic horror elements to cause fear-induced goosebumps and humor for the over-the-top gore, silliness (sometimes), and style of each story. I have a great love for the amazing werewolf (wolves) scene and the origin story behind the bus of kids. I would recommend this movie to anyone that wants to get their full Halloween kicks in one package.

Drag Me to Hell Poster

source: imdb.com

Drag Me To Hell is a Raimi brothers movie. The Sam Raimi is responsible for the classic ‘Evil Dead‘ movies that reshaped and influence horror in the 1980’s. ‘Drag Me To Hell’ is a darkly humored horror film about a woman cursed by a gypsy. The acting is superb by the lead actress Alison Loham. There is darkness, mystery, and scares for every scene that are disgusting and halarious. This movie is for those with a bold taste for scary and grotesque humor when it comes to Horror films making it a perfect go-to for Halloween.

Jeepers Creepers Poster

source: imdb.com

Jeepers Creepers (the first one) came out in 2001. It can be considered a cheesy-horror film but honestly I think it is amazing. A brother and sister find themselves the prey of a creature that is pretty ‘creepy’. I’ve always seen Jeepers Creepers (the creature) as a mix between the Mothman and Jersey Devil urban legends. This movie has a trademark theme and ending which I believe contributed to the massive amount of sequels that were made after (like Final Destination). A good film for those ready to be really ‘creeped’ out and fear the open night sky.


Thank you for reading my writing and reflections!

I plan on posting another list of my favorite Halloween movies soon!



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