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Here is an update of what I am planning on posting in the next couple of weeks!


I realized I haven’t done two ‘Monthly Notebook Excerpts’ (May and June). This is because I’ve been working a ton and trying to get my personal life in order this summer. Not an easy feat. So do expect a combined post ‘May/June Monthly Notebook Excerpts’ very soon.


I am still under a pile of books that I have been reading this summer. I hope to have two or more finished by the end of this month and a reflection post for each one.


I have a few ideas on posts under my subsection of writing ‘Film, Music, Art’, here is what I’m considering (give any suggestions in the comments below!!!).

Reflection/Review Post:

Penny Dreadful



These are all series available on Netflix. They are some of my favorites. I have been thinking about doing a review on one or all of them this summer.

That is all I am thinking about right now!

Please feel free to leave any suggestions etc. in the comments below! I will take all suggestions into consideration!

As usual expect my ‘Free Hand #’s’ poetry posts as well as my ‘Flash Fiction #’s’ I will be doing those regularly still.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my writing!

I greatly appreciate all my followers and regular readers!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


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