Flash Fiction #3 (When Words Lose Meaning)

Here is a rough version of a Flash Fiction piece I am working on.


approx. word count: 130

When Words Lose Meaning


Alina Happy Hansen


His eyes are black, she drones on, picking up her wine glass. Sips and mutters something under her breath. Her beauty blossoms in the candlelight but her words are poison, tarnishing her image. He wonders how such a beautiful woman could be so cruel. After weeks of being with this woman he has found himself growing more and more disgusted by her. Suddenly her freckles become abrasive markings, her lips stained and creased, her teeth yellow and her eyes, a dark abyss that swallows him whole. Her image begins to slip in front of him as she reveal who she really is. In the end he will marry her because everyone admires her beauty but he will no longer value words and live a life of deceptive imagery.


If you are reading this Thank You for taking time out of your day to read my writing!

I hope that you will return in the future!



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