End of the Month Reflection

Hello readers!

This is just an end of the month post reflecting on what I’ve done and what I plan to do with my blog.

Firstly, I have made progress in posting ‘Free Hand’ poems and a few short stories as well as a ‘Fight Club’ reflection and ‘T2’ reflection. I am glad that I have succeeded in posting a good amount of short stories and poems since it is my blogs purpose to present these two particular forms of writing . 

Secondly, I plan on posting a handfull of ‘Book Lists’ and an ‘Introduction’ post that will include a brief summary of the books,movies, and music that I like. I chose to not do this intro post in the beginning because I wanted to see how the first month would go and I wanted to keep the focus of my blog centered on my writing but I realized from looking at other blogs I want readers to get a feel for the interests I have so that they might be able to connect better to my writing. 

Coming in May:

Introduction Post

2-3 Booklists (fiction,horror, and poetry)

Free Hand Poetry Posts ( and revisions)

Launch Party (photos and info on publication release party)

Notebook Excerpts from April 2017

2-3 Short Stories (and/or revisions)

Thank you readers for following me and taking time out of your day to read my writing! I hope you return in the future!


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